.. Links ..
Basically a page for linking up with other websites. I will only trade links with other people on this page! No links if you don't plan to link back. :O

I will link to your site if it has one or more of the following things:
-It's related to inFAMOUS in some way.
-It's about some kind of collection (preferably video-game related)

You can contact me here:
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.. Link to Me ..
Featuring various link buttons so you can link back to my site, if a regular text-link just won't do the trick!

Please upload these to your own webhost!

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.. inFAMOUS Related Links..
inFAMOUS livejournal community
be inFAMOUS (French Fansite)
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.. Collection Site Links..
Pieces of Eden (Assassin's Creed collection site)

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