.. About the Site ..
This is Empire City Museum, a website dedicated to my personal collection of inFamous related items. My goal is to try to attempt to gather each and every unique inFamous item out there. I doubt I will ever reach this goal as a lot of these things seem to be extremely out of reach for normal consumers, but I can still hope someday. As it stands this is just a fun hobby for me. :D

As of May 17th 2011 this is a video of my collection (minus the stuff on the apparel page):

The site was designed and put together completely by me as well. The image I believe I got from the press kit asset disc. All the items seen on this website are things I actually own. (well, aside from the wishlist page, but that should be obvious).

If you have any other questions for me you'd like to see covered on this section feel free to shoot me an email at:
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.. Why inFamous? ..
Well, why not inFamous?

I've always had a thing for making small collections of things I enjoy. It's just a hobby I've always enjoyed doing. It's really no different from people that collect stamps or coins or items of that nature. It started with me picking up the game, of course, and then I ended up finding a t-shirt. It wasn't much longer than when a lot of inFamous items was donated to IGN by Sucker Punch to raise money for charity. It had a lot of super cool things in it I hadn't seen before and I ended up winning it. It seems ever since I won that lot I just continued to find a cool inFamous item here or there and then the collection really started. Now I've grown so fond of it (and the game itself) that its become my main hobby now.

Also yes, I have gotten the platinum trophy for the game. (You can check yourself if you want to, my PSN account is AJLareneg.)
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.. So how much did this cost? ..
Honestly I'd rather not say. Let's just say its probably more than you would best guess. I don't have plans to re-sell my collection so the price of it doesn't have any real meaning, right? I will leave it up to the site visitors to decide what they think it is worth. ;3
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.. About the Collector ..
There is not much to say about me, I'm afraid. I just enjoy inFamous and video games. Other favorite series of mine include Resistance, Ratchet & Clank, Half-Life 2, Fallout, Uncharted and Heavy Rain. I do have some promotional items for a few of these titles as well, like the press kits for Resistance 2 and Heavy Rain, but I don't have enough of these to justify their own website.
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