.. Unofficial Items ..
Ah yes, Unofficial items, also known as custom items, or one-of-a-kind things. This is a page for items I've either made myself or had made for me. I'm always looking for good quality custom things. If you'd like to do something like this for me please feel free to contact me.

Items featured on this page:
Nix Plush
Small Amigurumi Dolls
Miniature Felted Dolls
Usako-chan Plush
Crizl Plush
Zeke Shirt
Custom Shirt
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.. Nix Plush ..
I this amazing Nix plush made for me by the amazingly talented sengster @ deviantART. The levels of detail in this plush are something the pictures can hardly do justice to. I absolutely love this plush, and I think this lovely piece of artwork fits into my collection perfectly.
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.. Small Amigurumi Dolls ..
These guys are approximately 5inches tall each and full of such amazing detail! They were made by Kinkaku on deviantART. She specializes in making small very detailed plush, and I think that shows very well through these two.
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.. Miniature Felted Dolls ..
I don't think I can ever find enough unique variants of plush I can get of these two characters. :D These guys are very small, standing at about 4 inches in height. They are completely poseable due to a wire frame inside them. Zeke originally had some clear plastic on the frames of his glasses, but they came off in transit and I haven't found a snug way to secure them back on. They were made for me by the talented LuminateFalls on deviantART. I love these little guys!
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.. Usako-chan Plush ..
Cole and Zeke plush I had commissioned by the fantastic artist Usako-chan! She did an amazing job capturing all the little details in their designs and bringing out their personalities. I don't think I even have the words to describe how much I love these guys! I brought them along with me to Anime Expo 2010, and they will probably be my tag-along buddies for any conventions in the future.
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.. Crizl Plush ..
Another set of plush! I don't think I could ever end up with too many. This time I commissioned the plush artist Crizl to make Cole and Zeke as they appear in inFAMOUS 2. I must say, I am quite pleased with how well she handled the details on them, especially the print on Zeke's shirt, and their tattoos. These guys accompanied me and my other set of inFAMOUS plush to Anime Expo 2011. They actually worked quite well being strapped into the Cole backpack. It was almost like it was made for them!
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.. Wobbles ..
Okay, these things are amazing! I commissioned them from a really talented artist on deviantART (kitcat4056 @ deviantART). I am still amazed by the amount of detail that was captured in these, especially on Zeke. Definitely one of my favorite things I have now. I totally recommend this artist to anyone that wants something small and cute like this too.
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.. Keychains ..
These are really neat too. They are very small keychains printed on a hard plastic of some sort. I'm not entirely sure how they were made but I am really surprised at the quality. :D The artwork (and keychains themselves) were made by the awesome Soltian.
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.. Zeke Shirt ..
A super awesome hand-painted shirt that was a gifr from the super talented Cass. Apparently she painted it all with oil paints! It turned out so well I'm pretty much afraid to wear it in fear of ruining the paint. Someday I'm going to see if I can get a frame on this.
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.. Custom Shirt ..
I forgot to add this for a while for some reason BUT ANYWAY HERE IT IS IN ALL ITS AMAZING GLORY~! It's a custom hand-painted shirt that Cass made for me! It's really neat. These pictures do not do it justice. :I This probably fits me the best out of all my infamous shirts. :'D But I'm scared to wear it because I don't wanna ruin it... its so amazing~
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