.. Featured Items ..
This is the page that will feature some of my favorite items in my collection. It also kind of gives a nice oversite to some of the other items featured in these pages. Think of this as like a little "snapshot" of everything.

Items featured on this page:
inFAMOUS: Signed
inFAMOUS: Press Kit
inFAMOUS 2: Press Kit
Replica Amp
Hero Cole Figurine
Evil Cole Figurine
Mini Cardboard Cole Standee
Guide to Empire City
Signed Poster
Usako-chan Plush
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.. inFAMOUS: Signed ..
It's the standard north American release, except this one has signatures all over it from the development team. Obviously this makes it way cooler. I got this copy from the IGN for Haiti auction in early 2010.
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.. inFAMOUS: Press Kit ..
The inFAMOUS press kit! I found this on eBay and it looked pretty awesome, signatures and everything on it. I ended up in a pretty epic last-minute bid-sniping stand off over this that had me paying a bit more than I would have liked, but in the end I'm really glad I got this! It has a lot of super cool artwork, not to mention the asset disc which has a lot of media extras (images, videos, etc) on it. It also came with another copy of the game, and a copy of the soundtrack! Awesome!
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.. inFAMOUS 2: Press Kit ..
The glorious inFAMOUS 2 press kit! I know in the past I split items up for photos in my website, but this one I decided to keep together. This press kit comes with a bunch of interesting items. My favorite is of course the replica of Cole's wallet. It's actually really well made, and comes with a copy of his courier ID card and a fake credit card. I guess Cole prints his own money too because that is included, as well as a receipt for some food. There are some articles in the wallet as well, but they are in French so I can't read them.

It also comes with some mock-polaroid photos of important new elements in inFAMOUS 2. Some posters are included as well. One side is the same comic book poster I already have, and on the back is a poster of Cole in the Obama poster art style. The included brouchure of New Marais is in French as well, but when it folds out the back has another poster, which is the same cover art as the PAL version of inFAMOUS 2.

Also in case you were wondering, the blocked out parts are redeemable codes. I don't want anyone stealing my codes, okay.
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.. Replica Amp ..
I think this by far wins the "coolest thing" in my collection award. It's a 1:1 size replica of Cole's Amp. As far as I know these were only given out as prizes, but I happened to get one from someone lucky enough to win one. Apparently it originated from G4 if I use the original shipping label as a reference.

Anyway, this is a really awesome item! It's a lot more sturdy than I imagined it to be too. The Amp itself is made from actual metal, and the ends are a thick rubber. It's really heavy too. The base is a thick material as well, but is probably some kind of plastic. An amusing little tidbit: one of the replica Amps like the one I have is on Kevin Butler's desk in one of the inFAMOUS 2 commercials. I'm going to assume it's not the same one though.
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.. Hero Cole Figurine ..
A heroic repaint of the Cole figurine as pictured above! This isn't available in retail and as far as I know is only being given out for prizes and marketing purposes. I am unsure of the exact numbers of these but they are a lot more common than the other prize-only inFamous thing.
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.. Evil Cole Figurine ..
Another repaint, but this time in the Evil version. This figure is kind of creepy, but I guess he's supposed to look that way! He even has detailing as intricate as the veins and paler skin. Neat! For some reason my camera did not like taking photos of him.
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.. Mini Cardboard Cole Standee ..
A miniature cardboard Cole. He stands approximately 16 inches. Its printed on high quality shiny cardboard and is really neat. I saw this used as a display item in my local Gamestop, I'm not sure what other stores had them up though. This is probably one of my favorite items because its unique but still really cool. Also a fun fact: the tattoos on his arms in this standee aren't the ones he had in the final game, despite this being the same image they used on the boxart.
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.. Guide to Empire City ..
This book is so cool! I randomly stumbled across it on eBay. The description didn't tell me much about it, and the auction picture was just the cover and one random picture from inside it. However, it did say it was full color and forty pages long, so I took a chance and bought it.

I didn't regret it. This is by far one of my most favorite things I have. It's really freaking cool and goes into such detail about the characters, factions and even Cole's powers. I'm not entirely sure for what purpose this was made though, or where it originally came from. If anyone knows anything let me know, yea?
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.. Signed Poster ..
A super awesome poster signed by the development team! I had it custom framed to prevent anything bad happening to it. I won it in the IGN for Haiti auctions back in early 2010. It's extremely difficult to photograph though, due to the super reflective nature of the frame glass.
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.. Usako-chan Plush ..
Cole and Zeke plush I had commissioned by the fantastic artist Usako-chan! She did an amazing job capturing all the little details in their designs and bringing out their personalities. I don't think I even have the words to describe how much I love these guys! I brought them along with me to Anime Expo 2010, and they will probably be my tag-along buddies for any conventions in the future.
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